Kit List

Covid-19: Carry your own hand sanitiser. In case of an emergency ensure you have with you a face mask and first aid pack. 

It is essential that you have the correct and sufficient equipment to deal with the range of weather conditions that you may encounter and with any potential incidents that may arise – for example the walk having to halt in a remote cold area because of illness.

With the exception of the most basic Blue walks during the summer months, it is recommended that for both Red and Blue walks the following is worn or carried in your rucksack:

Waterproofs Top and leggings
Walking boots & socks Either a 3 or 4 season variety of boot
Spare clothing Warm top or fleece
Rucksack liner Strong plastic bag or purpose made liner
Spare socks Can double up as mittens if  required
Food Plus additional emergency snack
Liquid, hot drink Carry sufficient liquid to remain hydrated
Head cover & gloves Plus, if the main pair get wet, spare gloves
Whistle Emergency: 6 blows, 1 min silence, repeat
Survival bag or bothy bag Plastic orange survival bag or lightweight shelter
Sun hats, sun cream, lip salve  Sunburn and windburn are hazards in summer
Personal aid kit For example, blister kit, personal medication
Head/hand torch Regularly check batteries

You are personally responsible for equipping yourself with, as a minimum, the above recommended equipment. To ensure you are properly equipped you should check the latest weather forecast for expected conditions, remembering conditions can quickly change in hilly and mountain areas.

Even for green walks, we would recommend that a minimum of a waterproof top and sufficient drinks should be carried.

Check the weight of your rucksack to ensure it is not too heavy with unnecessary items.

In addition to the above, the Walk Leader will carry at his/her discretion any of the following considered appropriate for this walk:

  1. Survival Shelter
  2. Basic First Aid Kit
  3. Relevant Map(s) & Compass
  4. WalkieTalkie Set
  5. Mobile phone