Walk Grading

Walks are graded on a points system that encompasses the walk characteristics of distance, ascent and terrain. It is important that the walking brief be consulted to ascertain the characteristics of the planned walk as the points system cannot adequately deal with all the variations expected. For ease of identification the walks are colour coded.

Grade Classification

GreenLess than 10 points
Blue10 to 14 points
Blue +14 to 18 points
Red18 to 22 points
Red +22 to 25 points
BlackGreater than 25 points

Points System

Distance1 point per 1.5km
Ascent1 point per 100m
Terrain0 pointsRoads, lanes, even tracks, grass
1 pointRough but continuous tracks over stony ground, boggy areas or heather
2 pointsRocky mountain tracks, sometimes over steep or eroded ground
3 pointsRough ground that is generally without paths such as boulder fields, loose scree slopes, deep heather
4 pointsRocky ground, but use of hands is not generally required & a slip will not normally have serious consequences
5 pointsSteep rocky ground where the use of hands is required & a slip could have serious consequences